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The importance of a gesture 


”The importance of a gesture” was a site-specific light installation, exposed at the border between the private space of the Accademia di Romania in Roma, and the public space, so that it could be seen from the street during the Spazi Aperti 2020 exhibition, in June 2020. Neon displayed the past participle of the verb "to see" and it was open to interpretation.​

During this strange period of lookdown imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the most important freedom was to choose how we related to what was happening, to the restrictions, and what we choose to see. Thus, ”SEEN” was accompanied by a virtual map on which the artist marked and photographed 77 stone and marble pillars placed in the public space of Rome (especially in the central area), they represent a metaphor for the way things are seen and they are given meaning. 

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