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The Archeology of the image / Spazi Aperti



 ”The Archeology” of the image creates an ambiguous space in which the interior and the exterior are constantly interchanged. A metaphor of captivity and containment, illusions, expectations, and reality, the trap
embodies various scenarios, giving the opportunity to experience the general feeling of the immigrants in a new space that does not belong to them initially, and which must be conquered.
The social and historical experience of the different groups of immigrants has generated a multitude of particular characteristics that oscillate between assimilating the others and rejecting them, marginalizing them. Being a minority, Romanians were forced to adapt to changes in the environment, cultural, economic, political, social, and adapt to the demands of the new place, without giving up their own identity. The project was created for Spazi Aperti XVII and it is composed of two installations. A room of ideas, in which the traps are suggested by drawings and sketches and which gives the possibility to imagine them in a passive way and a room of the object itself, where the visitor was invited to enter and relate to an artificial space, which invades a passing area of the Accademia di Romania

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