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SOLAR / I was looking for you to find myself


The aim of the project was to question the conditions of exposure in the world of contemporary art and give the opportunity to see an art exhibition in a city where it's not even a bookstore. 

In an improvised greenhouse, built to grow vegetables, fragments of portraits drawn by memory, cloths, or materials linked to the memory of the characters, were exposed together. The result was an alternated and melancholic imagine of identity loss and memory gaps amalgamated with tomatoes. We could say that it was about growing tomatoes and oblivion, in a cellophane cube, built in a yard between semi-abandoned buildings, in which the clichés of a generation born in the post-communist period were mixed. The solarium becomes a meeting point for a distorted and decomposing image of emigrated parents, like many other parents (according to ONU, Romania occupied the second position in migration statistics), an identity in crisis and hope for a life that continues anyway. Drawings made to decompose and mix, in the middle of vegetables, in an environment so familiar to the inhabitants of a slowly disappearing city.


Solar is a project created by Lucia together with her grandmother in 2018 in Zimnicea, Romania.

photos by Irina Maira Iliescu and Maria Ghegu

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