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On the Same Line

"On the Same Line", draws inspiration from a simple yet profound gesture I made during the 2020 lock-down. . From my apartment window, I flew a kite, reaching out to my neighbors in a symbolic attempt to transcend the physical distance that separated us. This act, born out of solitude, served as a poetic reminder of the delicate bonds that connect us and the enduring spirit of freedom.

I reenact this gesture in a public space in Constanta, shifting it from the private realm to the public sphere. This transition is pivotal to the project, echoing a period marked by emotional and physical disconnection while actively seeking to reunite people. Through the simple act of kite-flying, I aim to reignite a sense of shared humanity, inviting individuals to rediscover the beauty of communal connection.

The installation features a collection of kites suspended in the air, seemingly defying gravity, alongside drawings exploring complex relationships. These illustrations narrate tales of love, friendship, conflict, and resolution, reflecting the challenges and joys of community life.

Kites serve as a symbolic reminder of freedom and our interconnections across physical distance. They encourage exploration, inspiring curiosity and creativity. With each flight, kites become a vehicle for dreaming and being together, celebrating the beauty of our world in a medium that is both light and freeing.

The community aspect of the installation is significant. Kite-making and flying are activities practiced by communities worldwide, bringing people together across generations. Flying kites fosters a sense of freedom and community, as individuals gather to appreciate the beauty of kites soaring through the sky.

July 2023, Rotterdam Park in Constanta

photos by Maria Ghegu, Mircea Pinte, Georgia Tidorescu

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