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Deformation theory


EXCLUS - EXCLUDED is a LED sign formed by the word "EXCLUS" written in Romanian, which encompasses both the notions of being kicked out, removed, as well as the concept of impossibility and inadmissibility. Its dual nature sparks introspection into the boundaries we encounter and impose in our lives, our own biases, prejudices, and the structures that perpetuate exclusion.

"Deformation theory" is a body of works that fuses the digital representation of some scanned self-portraits with the tangible texture of the abrasive surface of the paper on which they are thermally transferred, forging a connection between the intangible and the physical.

"Deformation theory" explores themes of transformation, self-acceptance, and empowerment. The concept of dysmorphic image acceptance is explored by combining the raw emotions and physical appearance captured with the digital precision of the scanner with the intimacy of a glass paper. Each self-portrait becomes a mirror into Lucia Ghegu's own experience with dysmorphic image acceptance, inviting viewers to reflect upon their own relationship with body image and societal expectations.

The possibility of erasure represents a liberating act. As the image fades by shedding the weight of dysmorphic ideals, it paves the way for a new narrative—one free from the constraints, accepting that true beauty lies in authenticity and self-acceptance.

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