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Two objects seemingly made in the mirror are connected by long cords, thus taking over each other's degrees of freedom and imposing the same movement to maintain balance. However, the system is not rigid. The human silhouette can be easily intuited, rescaled and deformed; it extends its extremities like tentacles in search of the other body. The Global Position System series describes the relationships and situations that generally occur between lovers. The works question isolation, the need for space, dependence, the identity that each of the partners gives up in order to be able to coexist with the other, the encounter, but also the endless search and the lack of contact. Following various scenarios, the works are a commentary on the androgynous myth and the romantic concept of the soul mate, which sometimes make us trapped (with a stranger) in a fixed structure, whose balance is precarious.

Courtesy Art Encounters Foundation

Photos Robert Floria

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