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Lucia Ghegu

b. 1990,  Zimnicea, Ro

Lucia Ghegu studied engineering, fine arts, and industrial design, but drawing has always been an important part of her work. She chooses drawing as a solution against the hyper-technological trend, being an immediate, spontaneous reaction, a quick note, through which she can understand the relations between her and the outside world.

In recent years, Lucia's artistic practice has developed in the area of ​​object design. The artist builds objects that respect the rules of aesthetics, but whose functionality is questionable. Her works are characterized by a dual nature, by the coexistence of opposite principles, of darkness and light, of functionality and uselessness.
In addition to the impossibility of fulfilling the basic function or the uselessness, concepts such as belonging, alienation, community, and migration appear recurrently in his works. Lucia Ghegu frequently builds imaginary houses, cages, portraits of family members, and self-representations. Her personal history has marked her artistic practice so that her works offer an introspective and radical vision of her relationship with family, home, human interactions, and spaces.


Solo (Selection):

2023 - On the Same Line, Parcul Rotterdam, Constanța

2022 - Unbearable lightness, Joy's Etaj, Arad

2020 In-Between Repetition and Variation, Galleria d’Arte dell’Accademia di Romania in Roma, Roma

2018 Solar, Zimnicea

Group (Selection):

2023 How To Trust A Simulation? - SATELIT, Muzeul National Tehnic "Prof. Ing. Dimitrie Leonida", Bucuresti;

2023 Nucleu 0011. Întâlniri inoportune 02, Atelier 35, București,

2023 Hug Me Hard: chapter #1, ICR Berlin;

2023 Art Encounters Biennial, My Rhino is not a Myth - Post-world Undercover Guerrilla Fake Rock Manufacturing Facility -Sebastian Moldovan in collaboration with Lucia Ghegu and Albert Kaan, Timișoara,

2023 Working Title 3,  MAGMA Contemporary Art Space, Sfântu Gheorghe,

2023 Back to Where It All Began, Gaep Gallery, Bucharest,
2023 Plus 22 MNAC 2022 Art AcquisitionsMNAC, Bucharest,

2022 Ecologies of Repair, Gaep Gallery, Bucharest,

2022 No Need for the Dollhouse Roof, Carausu&Singeorzean Galler, Minerva Cultural Association, Cluj Napoca,

2022 At the edge of the worldArt Encounters Foundation, Timișoara,

2021 Young Artists Connections ’21, MNAC, Bucharest,

2021 Exploring | art and nature, E T A J artist-run, Ghica Ghergani Domain,

2020 Future Perfect #1MAGMA Contemporary Art Space, Sfantu Gheorghe,

2020 Spazi Aperti XVIII, Accademia di Romania in Roma in site and online,

2019 Spazi Aperti XVII, Accademia di Romania in Roma, Roma,

2013 Puertas y ventanas, Ciudad Vella Oberta, Valencia.


2022 Accelerator - mentorship program, Asociația Culturală Eastwards Prospectus, Romania;

2021 Shortcuts - mentorship program, Gaep Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;

2018-2020 Vasile Parvan - art fellow, Accademia di Romania in Roma, Roma, Italy;

Aug 2017 Mobile Biennale, The Tour of Moldavia in 7 Days,The Centre For Contemporary Art Club Electroputere, Romania;

2016-2017 Erasmus Grant, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid,Escuela Tehnica Superior de Ingenieria y diseno industrial, Madrid, Spain;

2013-2014 Erasmus Grant, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia,
Facultad de Bellas Artes, Valencia, Spain.


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