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In between repetition and variation


It is impossible to separate migration from the history of the human being: mobility is a distinctive feature of our species. Since its origins, the human species has been defined by different migratory flows, whether it was to counter tragic realities or to pursue the need for food; seeking freedom, ideals, or pursuing one's dreams; in the conquest of new territories, or simply of a better life. To consider this phenomenon a contemporary problem is to ignore a historical reality. Starting from this premise "In between repetition and variation" is a metaphor of identity, community, territory and memory. Without reference to one or another particular situation, it tells a story that gives a voice to a community.

The variation consists of the difference brought by each individual, by the particularities of each story, by different ways of negotiating, approaching, and adapting new cultures, experiences, and immediate needs, by the reasons, and by the historical moment in which it occurs.
In Between Repetition and Variation is the story of each immigrant.

September 2020, Galleria dell'Accademia di Romania in Roma, Roma

photos by Valentin Morariu

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