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Hugging devices



Starting from the idea of belonging to a certain space, the feelings of security and loneliness, and the need for affection, the hugging devices are some forms that interact with the human body.
The shapes are fitting around shoulders, chest, hips and create an intimate space that explores the boundaries of physical and social space through interactive, tactile, and ergonomic structures.
They question the presence of a body in space, the awareness of the space, the interaction with it, the feeling of being present, the primary needs, and their satisfaction in a way that totally eliminates the technology and artificiality. Hugging devices not only offer affection, but they can also offer a break from what surrounds us or a heightened awareness of the space in which we are.

There are countless studies that demonstrate the devastating effects of lack of hugs, some of which state that we need at least four hugs a day to survive. With social distancing, dramatically reduced human contact, and more digital than physical interactions, many of us are running short on hugs. 

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